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Top Dollar for Surplus and Used Business Telephone Systems, Parts and Accessories

Office Phone SystemsSystem liquidators is one the industries leaders in buying (liquidating) communications equipment whether it is used, new or surplus. Our promise to our customers is that you will receive top dollar for your used telecomm equipment.

We specialize in buying used telephone systems, Data / Networking & Central office equipment like:
PBX & IP systems, circuit boards, telephones, voicemails, routers, switches, mulitiplexers and much more.

With over 10 years experience System Liquidators has served 1000’s of customers from all industries from small to large companies with one office or multiple locations across the U.S.

What System Liquidator Delivers

  • Recover Top Dollar Fast
  • Easy to work with
  • Removal services
  • Paid shipping
  • All manufacturers
  • Trustworthy & Reliable

-About Selling Your Used Phone System-

To sell your phone system,  use Simple Request Form,
email (,
or Contact Us Directly at +1 (866) 972-8925.

Please provide as much of the below information as you can in order to give you a maximum value quote to buy your used phone equipment. System Liquidators will cover  freight.

IMPORTANT: For the most accurate quote, please provide  your name, company, phone number, location of the equipment, and if you are a dealer.

Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic, Cisco and Office Phone System Manufactures


  • Brand & model of system.
  • Model # of each module (card) in the system box.
  • Software & system revision levels, if known.
  • Voice mail information, if any.
  • Age of the system.

Quantity, model & color of phones (if light colored phones are yellowed, please advise us of this).


  • When is the equipment available?
  • Is the equipment already uninstalled?
  • Can you box or palletize, as needed?
  • We pay for freight.

Investment Recovery

Maximise the cash potential of your surplus telecoms network equipment

Our fully managed investment recovery solution enables operators and manufacturers to recover maximum value from the resale of surplus and obsolete equipment:

  • Maximise cash generation
  • Revenue generated can be offset against future purchase – we are one of the largest suppliers of multi-vendor telecoms equipment in Europe
  • Meet environmental objectives
  • Deep knowledge of telecom parts across all manufacturers: Nortel, Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel Lucent, Siemens, Nokia, Ciena, Tellabs
  • Large multi-lingual sales team who trade with customers globally to obtain the optimum price for equipment
  • Account management

We offer three clear models:

  • Consigned Model – stock is consigned to System Liquidators and sold on customer’s behalf. System Liquidators takes an agreed margin and passes balance back to customer. Clear stock visibility and call back at any time
  • Outright Purchase – System Liquidators purchases equipment for an agreed price. All risk and ownership passes to System Liquidators at point of collection
  • Free of charge collection – System Liquidators will bear the cost of deinstallation, transportation and if necessary disposal in line with WEEE regulations. Risk and title to the equipment transfers to System Liquidators on collection.

Our process includes valuation, de-installation, collection, sortation, inventory management, warehousing, marketing, end user sales.

A by product of Investment Recovery is a highly efficient way of recycling equipment.

To request a quote please complete our Easy Quote Request Form
or contact us directly at +1 (866) 972-8925 or email us at

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